Wydział Pedagogiczny UW Wydział Pedagogiczny UW

15th conference of the International Network of Philosophers of Education

August 17-20, 2016
Warsaw, Poland


Philosophy as Translation and the Understanding of Other Cultures

The main theme of the conference is “Philosophy as Translation and the Understanding of Other Cultures”, and philosophical papers reflecting on education in relation to the following sub-themes are welcome:

·         Border crossing, immigrancy and home

·         Global economies and global justice

·         Translation, untranslatability and the (mis)understanding of other cultures

·         The internationalization of higher education

·         Policy borrowing and transfer

·         Cosmopolitanism, patriotism and global citizenship

·         Crossing philosophical divides

·         Changing identities, personal and cultural

There will be three plenary sessions: the McLaughlin Lecture in honour of the late past President of INPE will be given by Morwenna Griffiths (Moray House, School of Education, University of Edinburgh, UK) The two other invited speakers are Kai Horsthemke (University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa) and Roger Ames (University of Hawaii, USA).


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