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 Call for Papers

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Previous conferences: Pecs, Hungary (1988), London, UK (1990), Varna, Bulgaria (1992), Leuven, Belgium (1994), Johannesburg, South Africa (1996), Ankara, Turkey (1998), Sydney, Australia (2000), Oslo, Norway (2002),  Madrid, Spain (2004), Malta (2006) Kyoto, Japan (2008), Bogotá, Colombia (2010), Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (2012), Cosenza, Italy (2014).

 Philosophy as Translation and the Understanding of Other Cultures
 Papers are invited for the 15th conference of the International Network of Philosophers of Education to be held from August 17-20, 2016, in Warsaw, Poland. The main theme of the conference is “Philosophy as Translation and the Understanding of Other Cultures”, and philosophical papers reflecting on education in relation to the following sub-themes are welcome:
 ·         Border crossing, immigrancy and home
·         Global economies and global justice
·         Translation, untranslatability and the (mis)understanding of other cultures
·         The internationalization of higher education
·         Policy borrowing and transfer
·         Cosmopolitanism, patriotism and global citizenship
·         Crossing philosophical divides
·         Changing identities, personal and cultural
There will be three plenary sessions: the McLaughlin Lecture in honour of the late past President of INPE will be given by Morwenna Griffiths (Moray House, School of Education, University of Edinburgh, UK) The two other invited speakers are Kai Horsthemke (University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa) and Roger Amers (University of Hawaii, USA).
 In addition, there will be 3 types of sessions for which contributions are invited:
 1. Concurrent Paper Sessions
These will be organised around philosophical papers on one of the conference themes. Each session will allow sufficient time for discussion of a paper of up to 5000-6000 words in length. Submissions for concurrent paper sessions should include a full paper and a 500-word abstract.
2. Working Paper Sessions
The purpose of working paper sessions is to allow participants to present papers outlining ‘work in progress’. Proposals for working paper sessions should be in the form of a 1000-2000 word abstract and will be grouped by topic or approach.
3. Round tables/symposia
Submissions may include proposals for round tables/symposia in which three or four participants will present related papers around a particular theme. Submissions should provide the symposium title and topic, an overall abstract of 200-300 words, the names of the participants and an outline of 100-200 words on each of the proposed contributions.

Submissions should not include papers that have been published previously, presented at other conferences, or that are scheduled for other forthcoming conferences. All conference proposals – for any of the three types of sessions – should be sent to the Chair of the Programme Committee, Naoko Saito (see below) by: February 1st 2016. Proposals will be reviewed by the Conference Programme Committee. All authors are requested to identify under which sub-theme their contribution is submitted. Contributions should have a philosophical bearing on education or childrearing (examination of a philosophical issue in connection to education or childrearing; philosophical analysis of aspects of research, policy or practice regarding education or childrearing; etc.). The educational bearing should be rendered explicit in the text. Decisions will be announced by: March 15th 2016. Proposals are welcome from those who are not members of INPE. However, if accepted, presenters will be required to join INPE before April 15th 2016.
Warsaw - city full of astonishing contrasts that never ceases to amaze - is located in the centre of Poland, on the Vistula river. There are two airports: one close to the centre of the city - Warsaw Chopin Airport and the other situated outside the city, about 40 minutes drive - Warsaw Modlin Airport.
The text of the papers accepted for concurrent and working paper sessions, and the abstracts of round table/symposia will be available to registered delegates online prior to the Conference. They will also be included in the conference proceedings, a copy of which will be available at the conference on a USB-stick (a limited number of hard copies will be available during the conference as well).
Papers of Concurrent Sessions will be considered for publication in Ethics and Education, the official journal of INPE. Provided there is enough good quality material a Special Issue will be published by this journal (2017, 1). Further details will be provided during the conference by the Programme Chair, who will be the Guest-Editor. Delegates presenting at the conference are expected to give Ethics and Education first choice to publish their contributions.
Chair of the Programme Comittee: Naoko Saito (Graduate School of Education, Kyoto University)
Yoshida-Honmachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 606-8501, Japan
Tel & Fax +81 (0)75-753-3036, e-mail:inpe2016@gmail.com

Andrea English                    Edinburgh University (UK)
RafaƂ GodoƄ                         University of Warsaw (Poland)
Naomi Hodgson                  UCL, Institute of Education (UK)
Megan Laverty                      Teachers College, Columbia University (USA)
Ian Munday                            Stirling University (UK)
Claudia Ruitenberg             University of British Columbia (Canada)
Judith Suissa                        UCL, Institute of Education (UK)
Joris Vlieghe                         Edinburgh University (UK)

Chair of the Site Committee: RafaƂ GodoƄ (University of Warsaw), e-mail: r.p.godon@uw.edu.pl
Conference Office: Ewelina Zubala (University of Warsaw), e-mail: INPE2016@uw.edu.pl
Conference fee
INPE Members
Non INPE Members
Low Income Countries*
Full-time research students
Sessions only**
Until 1st May 2016
€ 395
€ 430
€ 200
€ 200
€ 50
After 1st May 2016
€ 440
€ 475
€ 245
€ 245
€ 50
* Countries ranked as medium or low in the UNDP Human Development Report, http://hdr.undp.org/en/statistics/.
** Participants from Poland and Post-Soviet states have the opportunity to choose sessions only option. This does not include conference proceedings and catering. The organiser reserves the right to accept only 20 delegates in this category (the first 20 on the basis of the date of payment). 
Participants from Poland who are willing to pay by bank transfer can pay in PLN - exchange rate 4,43.
The conference fee includes the Conference Proceedings (on a USB-stick), all lunches, all refreshments during coffee breaks, and one conference dinner. It does not apply to sessions only option.
Conference Refund policy: Full refunds - a written request to the Conference Office must be received no later than on May 1st 2016; 50% refunds -  if a written request is received between May 1st 2016 and July 31st 2016; from August 1st 2016 no refunds will be made. If there are bank charges these will be deducted from the amount of the refund. 
The deadline for registration and payment is  August 1st 2016. Online method of registration and payment available only.
INPE is offering 5 grants of 750 Euros to aid Junior Scholars (not tenured and not yet finished a PhD), to participate at INPE conferences. The grants are available to Junior Scholars who are INPE members and whose submission for a Concurrent Paper Session is accepted. Priority will be given to those scholars who live in a low to middle income country (as designated by the World Bank), and  have no other funding possibilities.
The International Network of Philosophers of Education is an organisation dedicated to:
·         Fostering dialogue among philosophers of education globally
·         Promoting tolerance in the field of education and facilitating better understanding between thinkers of different schools of thought
·         Exchanging information, encouraging joint and comparative research, sharing materials and co-operating in publishing and organising conferences for in-depth discussion of current issues and the evolution of new initiatives.
President of the INPE Board
Paul Smeyers (University of Ghent and KU Leuven)
Secretary/Treasurer of INPE
Turid Løyte Hansen (University of Oslo)
Annual fee: 35 Euros. All members receive a discount on the Conference Fee. How to join: Please visit
http://www.internationalnetworkofphilosophersofeducation.org/ or contact the Secretary/Treasurer.

Ethics and Education
The official journal of INPE is Ethics and Education (Editor Paul Smeyers), which is published by Taylor & Francis (3 issues per year). Members receive the Journal as part of their subscription.

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