Study visits

Two one-week study visits will take place in Finland and Slovenia. Five students and one coordinator will be invited to participate in each visit. During study visits students will have the opportunity to learn how bilingual education and CLIL programs function at our partner universities. Next, using the internet platform, they will share their newly gained knowledge. Their observations and experiences will help improve the “Bilingual Education” programme. 


Information for those interested in participating in the study visits:


Student study visits in Finland and Slovenia (23rd – 27th March 2015)


To qualify for the student study visit in partner institutions (University of Jyvaskylla and University of Ljubljana) our students need to:

1.       Be active partipants of all courses during semester 1 (do not exceed the acceptable number of absences and receive all course credits before the end of the exam session). 

2.       Submit a CV and a letter of application in which they justify why they are good candidates for one of the visits.

3.       Submit an outline for the following project:

Plan international student cooperation between the Faculty of Education, University of Warsaw and one of our partner institutions (University of Jyvaskylla or University of Ljubljana). Show how this cooperation could differ in each case, i.e. what it would specifically involve depending on the institution. Ensure the use of our electronic platform in student communication and cooperation.

In your plan Include:

-aims of the project

-schedule of activities

-outcomes and results

-sustainability of results for the next generations of students

The submissions should be of ca. 3-5 pages long. They will be assessed according to the following criteria:



-involvement of both parties

-cooperation of both parties

-use of the patform

The deadline for submitting the CV, the letter of application and the project outline is 17th February 2015. Please send the documents to:

The candidates whose submissions are rated high will be invited to take part in an oral interview

During the interview the candidates will be expected to demonstrate knowledge about the system of education and training in partner institutions and elaborate on their project ideas.

The list of participants accepted for each of the students study visits will be announced by 27th February 2015.