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mgr Paulina Marchlik, research assistant

Unit:  Department of Education Policy and Social Research on Education

Scientific interests:  language teaching, language teacher education, early leaving from education and training, youth at risk of exclusion

Selected publications:  Tomaszewska-Pękała, H., Wrona, A. & Marchlik, P., (2017) Nauczyciele wobec problemu przedwczesnego kończenia nauki szkolnej, in: J. Madalińska Michalak (ed.), O nową jakość edukacji nauczycieli. Warszawa: Wydawnictwa Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego, 409–428.

Tomaszewska-Pękała, H., Marchlik, P., & Wrona, A. (2017). Finding inspiring practices on how to prevent ESL and school disengagement. Lessons from the educational trajectories of youth at risk from nine EU countries. Warsaw: Faculty of Education, University of Warsaw.

Marchlik, P. & Tomaszewska-Pękała, H. (2016). Importance and dimensions of ESL in Poland – school staff’s perception, Kwartalnik Pedagogiczny 4 (242), 156–169.

Marchlik, P. (2016). When foreigners join the class. Changes in the university classroom environment – a “cost-benefit” analysis, Kwartalnik Pedagogiczny 3 (241), 126–134.

Tomaszewska-Pękała, H., Marchlik, P. & Wrona, A. (2015). Between school and work: Vocational education and the policy against early school leaving in Poland, Educação, Sociedade & Culturas, vol.45, 75–98.

Research activity:  2018 Inclusive Education and Social Support to Tackle Inequalities in Society (ISOTIS)
2013-2018 Reducing Early School Leaving in Europe (RESL.eu)

E-mail:  p.marchlik@uw.edu.pl

Office hours:  509, Thursdays, 15:30 - 17:00, (please send me an email first)

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