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Warszawa, 4.05.2020 r.

Dear Colleagues,

According to the ongoing, despite external difficulties, preparations for the international conference Spaces of Adult Learning – SAL 2020, we would like to inform you that we are preparing to submit the texts sent by you in indexed reference databases (e.g. Web of Science). Due to the duration of the procedures for accepting texts to databases such as WoS, we remind those interested to send the text within the set deadline (until July 15). We kindly ask you to prepare the texts in accordance with the guidelines given in previous communicates (the third communicate is available at: and send them to e-mail address:

We would like to remind everyone interested in publishing the article that withdrawing the conference fee is tantamount to resigning from publication.

Soon we will give you a new date for the planned conference, most likely 5-6 October this year (if COVID-19 allows).

With kind regards

Organizing Committee

Post Author: jenny