About CISI Project

Faculty of Education, University of Warsaw is a partner in the international project “Curriculum Innovation for Social Inclusion” CISI – supported by Erasmus + Capacity Building in Higher Education (CBHE) program. The project aims to develop new academic modules /certificate program/training programs enhancing the qualifications and skills of teachers towards special education in Georgian schools. The new academic curriculum will help future and acting school teachers to enhance professional competencies in working with students with special educational needs (SEN). The overall goal of the project (CISI) is to contribute to the process of social inclusion of persons with disabilities by increasing the quality of inclusive education at public schools of Georgia. The project is focusing on developing relevant competencies of future school practitioners – graduates from the Teacher Education Program and support continuous education towards special education for acting teachers and relevant field professionals. Besides, CISI is encouraging the development of more effective collaboration between schools, universities and state agencies.

Based on the above mentioned, CISI is focusing on the following objectives:

  • Development of the new academic modules in special education in Teachers Education Program at CISI member GEO HEIs. The new modules will be based on the National Standards of Special Teacher – The new courses will respond to the requirement set up in this document;
  • Development of the 60 credit Certificate Program in special education for school/field practitioners – This program will be available for school teachers, psychologist and social workers if they wish to deepen knowledge in this field and obtain a status of a special teacher.
  • Development of the training programs in special education for all interested groups – school practitioners, students, academic staff, NGO representatives – these programs will cover introduction in special education and those topics that are most demanded for school/field practitioners.
  • Strengthening collaboration of schools, universities, civic organizations and MoESCSG towards improving quality of inclusive education – CISI will initiate new ways of collaboration between these institutions.

From the partner side this project is implemented by the University of Warsaw’s Faculty of Education team:

  • dr Urszula Markowska-Manista – Project Manager and Researcher
  • dr Monika Skura – Researcher
  • prof. Małgorzata Żytko – Researcher
  • prof. Anna Zielińska – Researcher
  • mgr Justyna Pałczyńska-Janiak (2020) – Project Assistant
  • mgr Zuzanna Narkun (2021 -…) – Project Assistant
  • Agnieszka Dorocka – Financial Manager