03 – 07/07/2023, Warsaw


The International Research Summer School 2023 on Qualitative Research and Academic Integrity in Education enables PhD students and young researchers to broaden their specialist knowledge in education research with the latest global discoveries in the field of qualitative research. IRSS 2023 offers various forms of work conducive to the development of research competences regarding the design, implementation and dissemination of qualitative research in the social sciences, exposing the ethics of research. The International Research Summer School 2023 on Qualitative Research and Academic Integrity in Education is intended to lead to establishing contacts with internationally recognized experts who may be interested in starting scientific cooperation with IRSS 2023 participants and accepting them to their research groups.

General provisions

§ 1. 1. The International Research Summer School 2023 on Qualitative Research and Academic Integrity in Education (hereinafter: “School” or “IRSS 2023”) is a project implemented under the “Excellence Initiative – Research University” (IDUB), Action IV.4.2 “International summer schools for doctoral students and young researchers”.

2. The organizer of IRSS 2023 is the Faculty of Education of the University of Warsaw (hereinafter: “Organizer”).

3. The Organizer is represented by dr. hab. Rafał Godoń, prof. ucz. – the dean of the Faculty of Education of the University of Warsaw

4. The IRSS 2023 organizational team is appointed by the Program Manager, Vice-Rector for Research.

5. Main tasks for the organizational team are:

a) Organizational and substantive preparation of School

b) Formulation of regulations

c) Conducting the recruitment process of participants

d) Acquirement of lecturers and formulation of School program

e) Creating and leading the School website

f) Creating the visual elements of School and conference materials

g) Contact with lecturers, making tickets and hotel reservations/bookings

h) Running the School office

i) Supervising the School course in accordance with its curriculum

j) A close-down of the school, issuing the diplomas

k) Evaluation of the School

l) Preparation of the substantive report and financial settlement

6. A participant of the School may be:

a) a doctoral student who has the status of a doctoral student throughout the duration of the Scientific School

b) a young researcher who obtained a doctoral degree not earlier than 7 years before the announcement of recruitment to the School

7. Participation in IRSS 2023 is payable.

8. The school is carried out within 5 days from 3rd July 2023 to 7th July 2023.

9. The number of participants in the School is at least 30 people, half of whom should be participants of foreign universities.

10. The maximum number of participants in the School is 50 people, half of whom should be participants of foreign universities.

11. As part of the IRSS 2023, the participation of doctoral students and researchers of the University of Warsaw should not exceed 1/3 of all participants.

12. The school will be conducted in English in accordance with its Program published on the website

Recruitment rules

§ 2. 1. Recruitment for the School will start on 20th December 2022 and end on 20th February 2023.

2. Persons interested in participating in IRSS 2023 should. within the time limit specified in section 1, complete and submit the registration form and application form, which are available at:

3. In the registration form, the candidate provides his personal and contact details, includes a cover letter and consents to the processing of data (GDPR) by the Organizer.

4. Sending the forms means that the candidate accepts the provisions of these regulations.

5. The evaluation of the candidates is carried out by the recruitment commision, established by the Manager Program – Pro- Vice Chancellor for Research of the University of Warsaw. The Chairman of the organizational team or a Deputy authorized by him applies for the appointment of the selection board. The application should be accompanied by the opinion of the Dean of the Faculty of Education.

6. The selection board carries out the evaluation based on the content of the cover letter. Commision creates lists of accepted and reserve candidates separately for each of the three categories of candidates: 1. Candidates from the University of Warsaw 2. Candidates from abroad 3. Others. The result of the recruitment is approved by the Dean of The Faculty of Education.

7. The decision of the Dean of the Faculty of Education may not be appealed.

8. Candidates will be informed about the results of recruitment to the School by the Chair of the recruitment team or Vice-Chair via email till 1st March 2023.

9. If the limit of places is not met, the Organizer will conduct an additional recruitment in the period: from 02/03/2023 to 20/03/2023.

10. Candidates will be informed about the results of the additional recruitment to the School by 31st March 2023.

11. The School Participant is obliged to pay the fee referred to in § 5 section 2, within 21 days from the date of receiving an email with information about qualification to participate in the School. If the fee is not paid, the Dean of the Faculty of Education may cancel the decision to qualify for IRSS 2023. The next person from the reserve list is accepted to the vacant spot, if that does not disturb the proportions specified in § 1, section 9-11.

Rights and obligations of the organizer

§ 3. 1. The organizer has the right to process personal data in accordance with the rules set out in the information clause contained in the recruitment form.

2. The Organizer has the right, in justified cases, to change the dates (daily and hourly) for the implementation of IRSS 2023.

3. The Organizer has the right to decide at any time before the start of the School to change the dates of IRSS 2023, if required by the epidemic situation or other restrictions on the functioning of the University of Warsaw introduced by the Rector of the University of Warsaw. The School should take place no later than 30th of September 2023. The organizer will immediately inform the candidates or participants of IRSS 2023 about this decision.

4. The Organizer reserves the right to cancel the School or proportionally reduce the number of participants, retaining the rules of percentage selection of candidates as in § 1 section 9, 10 and section 11 if the recruitment results are not satisfactory (too few applications).

5. The organizer is obliged to organize and ensure:

a) classes in accordance with the School’s curriculum

b) expert staff with substantive competences to conduct classes provided in the School’s curriculum

c) appropriate coffee and lunch breaks for participants

d) issuing the School diplomas to participant after completing the requirements specified by the Organizer, including:

 – Active participation in the School activities

 – At least 80% attendance at classes at the School

 – Presenting the research project to the participants as part of group classes, in accordance with the School program.

Rights and obligations of the participant

§ 4. 1. The participant has the right to:

a) participate in lectures and seminars provided in the program of the School

b) participate in sessions and workshops held during the School

c) individual consultations with the expert staff regarding the research project of a participant of the School

d) presenting the research project to the participants as part of group classes, in accordance with the School program.

e) receive the conference materials

f) use coffee breaks and lunches provided by the Organizer during the School

g) communicate with the Organizer on matters related to the School (IRSS 2023 Office – information duty at the e-mail address: or in person at the stand of the IRSS 2023 Office during the School)

2. The participant is obliged to:

a) follow the rules included in statute of the School

b) participate in the School’s classes, which should be confirmed by signatures on the attendance lists

c) completing the IRSS 2023 evaluation surveys (on-line) after the end of the School


§ 5. 1. IRSS 2023 is a project funded by the University of Warsaw (IDUB program, Action IV.4.2) and with conference fees.

2. The fee for participation in IRSS 2023 is PLN 930 (EUR 195) and is collected for the school costs for:

a) organization of sessions, lectures and the IRSS 2023 laboratory along with individual consultations as part of the research project of the IRSS 2023 study

b) organization of coffee and lunch breaks during the school

c) production of conference materials

3. The Organizer of the School does not cover travel costs and accompanying factors. The costs of accommodation and travel are covered by IRSS 2023 participants on their own.

4. In the event of the circumstances referred in § 6 sec. 1, the Participant is entitled to a refund of 45% of the fee paid, which the Organizer will transfer to the account indicated by the Participant.

Final Provisions

§ 6. 1. The Organizer reserves that in case of unforeseen circumstances, e.g. related to the deepening of the epidemic threat and the related limitation of the functioning of the institution, all classes may be conducted using distance learning methods and techniques. Any information about changes will be sent by e-mail to the address of the IRSS 2023 participant, to which the participant agrees by accepting the IRSS 2023 regulations.

2. The Regulations come into force on the date 15th of December 2022 of commencement of recruitment to the School.