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Education Research Quarterly No. 1/2023


Krystyna Milczarek-Pankowska, Joanna Madalińska-Michalak Introduction



Krystyna Milczarek-PankowskaA pedagogical alternative in the theory of aesthetic education by Irena Wojnar

Mirosława Zalewska-PawlakOn Irena Wojnar’s theory of aesthetic education. Historical and autobiographical aspects 

Adam FijałkowskiHumanistic education in the thought of Irena Wojnar. Inspirations and their interpretations

Agnieszka Piejka The culture of peace in the pedagogical thought of Irena Wojnar. Main inspirations

Wiesław Żardecki – From theatre education to theatre pedagogy (in the context of Irena Wojnar’s theory of aesthetic education)

Barbara Kwiatkowska-TybulewiczIrena Wojnar on the educational potential of modern art

Mariusz Samoraj – Irena Wojnar’s involvement in international organisations: InSEA and UNESCO

Justyna Żak-Szwarc – Museum as a duration of presence and its educational possibilities

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