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Education Research Quarterly No. 3/2021



Barbara Kwiatkowska-TybulewiczEducational potential of the Polonia Pavilion at the Venice Biennale of Art: Halka/Haiti and Little Review

Justyna Żak-SzwarcAesthetic paradoxes in the light of polemics of artists and theoreticians in the 20th and 21st centuries

Jan RutkowskiPatriotism, identity and death. Reflections on the existence of an individual and a political community 

Jarema DrozdowiczPedagogical imagination. Interdisciplinary sources and an outline of the concept 

Piotr MosiekContemporary school in the light of the dilemmas of everyday life: the face of support for self-reliance and development 

Renata Góralska, Małgorzata KosiorekInstrumentalisation of thinking. On the illusion of reflexivity in teacher education

Barbara Murawska, Roman DolataParents’ age and school functioning of sixth-grade students 


Aleksandra MatysiakNation… what nation? The vision of the nation in Polish school education


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