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About us

The Faculty of Education at the University of Warsaw stands as the oldest and most esteemed education department in Poland, renowned for its excellence and acknowledged as one of the country’s best, teaching approximately 1,200 students. Our academic programs operate at a high European standard, unlocking new horizons for both practitioners and researchers alike. With a commitment to providing the highest level of training, the Faculty nurtures future pedagogues, teachers, socio-cultural animators, educators, tutors, education policy specialists, pedagogical therapists, and adult educators.

Our graduates are equipped to excel in a variety of roles, finding fulfilling opportunities in public education, social programs and cultural institutions, as well as NGOs and the private sector. The Faculty of Education’s longstanding tradition in teacher education for Early Primary Education, at both undergraduate and graduate levels, is a testament to our commitment to shaping the future of education. Collaborating closely with a network of primary schools, we actively contribute to the design and implementation of continuous professional development for teachers.

Building on our rich experience, the Faculty of Education has been a key participant in EU grants, often assuming project leadership roles. Our dedication to excellence, tradition, and innovation makes the Faculty of Education at the University of Warsaw a hub for transformative education in Poland and the world beyond.