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Research projects


The main objective of the project is to build the well-being of teachers and school principals, in the context of different waves of migration (economic, climatic, social, political), in particular the effects of the war in Ukraine, its consequences like inflation, but also the rapidly developing digitalisation. The specific objectives of the project are:

Diagnosis of the basic sources of stress, professional burnout, and dissatisfaction with the teaching profession in the current socio-political and economic situation.
The diagnosis is based on data obtained from qualitative and quantitative studies on mental health, well-being, and occupational stress and stressors (with an emotional and somatic component) in the population of teachers and headmasters in Austria, Poland, Greece and Turkey.
Identification of common stress and burnout factors in the project partner countries and those that are characteristic of specific socio-cultural contexts.
Creating a system of psychological and health support for teachers experiencing difficulties in relations with students, parents, school and the local community.
Creation of a system and tools to support teachers and principals in dealing with psychological, pedagogical, social, and health difficulties.
Pilot implementation of elements of the developed system and selected tools for psychological, pedagogical, and health support for teachers’ well-being
Implementation of a digital platform supporting the well-being of teachers and principals with the help of various tools and individual and group activities, from which participants make a choice adapted to their needs and build their own path of support and development well-being.

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The INVITED project Iintegrating primary and pre-school virtual exchange projects into language teacher education) seeks to promote the use of virtual exchange (VE) projects in primary and pre-school language education and to develop teachers´ competences regarding VE by integrating VE projects with young learners into pre- and in-service language teacher education. Project members are teacher educators from 5 different universities in Europe in cooperation with local schools.

The project is going to implement a survey on teachers´ experiences with VE in pre-school and primary language education to find out about teachers´ needs. A community for teachers interested in VE is created in the form of an etwinning group to exchange experiences and materials and display good practice. A teacher education module that includes the implementation of a VE project in a local school is developed, adapted for a professional development course and made available on the ESEC.

The project provides opportunities for pre- and in-service teachers to connect through the online community and offers support for their VE projects. It develops a teacher education module that will be part of the partners´ curricula and made available as an online professional development course. The outcomes will help promote the use of VE in early language education, develop teachers´ competences regarding VE and foster children´s and teachers´ cultural, linguistic and digital competences.

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