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Rekrutacja na studia magisterskie z zakresu pracy socjalnej: Erasmus Mundus ADVANCES 2022/2023.

International master in social work with all expenses covered

Five highly qualified European universities in France, Poland, United Kingdom, Portugal and Denmark offer the Master in Advanced Development in Social Work to students from all over the world.

The Master is part of the European Union’s Erasmus Mundus programme and is designed to give social workers outstanding levels of academic and practice skills, making it possible for graduates to confidently respond to the vulnerabilities and uncertainties facing societies across the world.

The programme provides skills and international perspectives on leadership, innovation, critical analysis, enterprise and sustainable approaches in the social sector. Delivered in collaboration with partner universities from Singapore, Brazil, South Africa, Hong Kong, and USA and non-academic partners drawn from social services, graduates will be able to develop new social work interventions in response to high levels of complexity and social problems.

The 22-month course is explicitly targeted at qualified, experienced social workers from around the world who wish to upgrade their skills, especially with a transnational focus. The programme was launched in 2013 and more than 50 nationalities have been represented among students during its first eight cohorts.

The programme is funded by EU and up to 25 students pr. cohort will receive scholarships expected to cover all expenses – tuition, accommodation, travels and livings costs – during the study.

During the two year programme students will travel between all five programme countries – starting in United Kingdom in the first semester. Second semester is in Denmark while third semester is in Portugal. In between second and third semester students will participate in a summer school alternating between Poland and France. In the fourth semester students will be enrolled at one of the five universities to finish their master thesis and the programme will end with defense and graduation alternating between France or Poland.

Please read more about the content of the programme, scholarships, job opportunities etc. at this link: https://www.socialworkadvances.aau.dk/

Deadline for application for the 2021 intake is January 10th. Start of cohort 9 will be September 2022.

Flyers in seven different languages – English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, European Portuguese,  Mandarin, French and Danish – are attached. Please feel free to print the flyer in whatever languages you prefer or simply attach it to mails for colleagues nationally and internationally.

Please include the attached files and the link to our website when you forward this.

If you have any question please email Professor Lars Uggerhøj lug@socsci.aau.dk

Professor Uggerhøj, Aalborg University and S R Nathan professor at National University of Singapore is the programme coordinator.

Thank you 

Flyer Advances. English
Flyer Advances. Spanish
Wydział Pedagogiczny UW

Wydział Pedagogiczny UW

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