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Międzynarodowe Seminarium Wydziału Pedagogicznego UW: 24 i 26 kwietnia 2023

Uprzejmie zapraszam do udziału w kolejnych spotkaniach w ramach Międzynarodowego Seminarium Wydziału Pedagogicznego UW.

Rafał Godoń


PONIEDZIAŁEK, 24 kwietnia 2023 r., godz. 10:00, sala 414.

Audrius Ivanauskas: Psychological resilience: how to deal with stress?

Organizacja: dr Marek Smulczyk

PONIEDZIAŁEK, 24 kwietnia 2023 r., godz. 17:15, sala 414.

Audrius Ivanauskas: Conformity and Obedience – psychological and pedagogical perspective

Audrius Ivanauskas – lecturer and psychologist from Higher Education Institution and Mykolas Riomeris University. Twice nominated as the best lector at the Faculty of Educational Sciences of the Lithuanian University of Education in 2016 and 2017. And in 2021, an award was received at Vytautas Magnus University – Teaching quality #1 in 2020.

Organizacja: dr Marek Smulczyk

ŚRODA, 26 kwietnia 2023 r., godz. 10.30-12.30, sala 507

Prof. Janez Vogrinc (University of Ljubljana), Prof. Blerim Saqipi (University of Prishtina), Prof. Eve Eisenschmidt (Tallin University): The topics of educational policy and leadership

Moderator: Rafał Godoń.

Organizacja: dr Katarzyna Brzosko-Barratt

ŚRODA, 26 kwietnia, godz. 15.00, sala 414

Pavel Moraviec: Religious fundamentalism and its psychological backgrounds

Pavel Moravec, PhD. is a Catholic priest and a psychologist. He studied theology at the Lateran University in Rome and psychology at Masaryk University in Brno, where he also completed a postgraduate study in clinical psychology. He completed training in Gestalt psychotherapy. He currently works as an assistant professor at the Faculty of Education of the University of Ostrava and performs psychotherapy. In his research, he focuses on the psychological aspects of the Christian faith, especially pathological ones.

Organizacja: dr Ewelina Zubala

Wydział Pedagogiczny UW

Wydział Pedagogiczny UW

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