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Dear Students,

Faculty of Education, University of Warsaw welcomes you warmly in the academic year 2020/2021.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions all classes in the Winter Semester are provided online.

You may check the current list of courses at the following webpage:

To register in the course(s) at our Faculty, Erasmus student must complete the form (download) , get the Erasmus coordinator’s signature (Ms. Agnieszka Naumiuk: agnieszka.naumiuk@uw.edu.pl) and submit to the administrator (Ms. Agnieszka Tokarzewska: a.tokarzewska@uw.edu.pl) within 3 weeks after semester starts/student arrives. Student should take at least one course in Faculty of Education.

The summer semester starts February 22, 2021

Earlier registrations are possible only if accepted by coordinator, though please check in the first week the days and times of the classes as they may overlap.

We plan to have the online meeting with all Erasmus students who enter our courses on Friday, February 19, 2021, between 10.00-11.00 am


Sincerely yours, Agnieszka Naumiuk and Agnieszka Tokarzewska Erasmus Plus coordinators

Wydział Pedagogiczny UW

Wydział Pedagogiczny UW

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