Conor GALVIN (PhD, MPhil, MA, BA, CTG) is based at University College Dublin, Ireland, where he directs the UCD College of Social Sciences & Law SoE doctoral programmes, and also teaches and researches on green & sustainable education, public policy, and research methods and design. Dr Galvin’s research interests include sustainable development, policy networks, professional knowledge, and the impact of new and emergent technology on learning and society. His work is primarily qualitative & interpretivist and uses a variety of approaches and methodologies depending on the focus of the project; this includes critical policy analysis, discourse study, case analysis, narrative analysis, and research assemblage.

Dr Galvin’s current research projects are funded under the new Jean Monnet Teacher Actions and the Erasmus+ Teacher Academies Initiative. He advises the European Union DG-EAC Working Group on Learning for Sustainability has worked with JRC-Seville on capacity building for school teachers. Recently he co-led a well-regarded EU Knowledge Alliance KA 2 project under ERASMUS+; the ITELab Project, 2017-20. He is a registered EU proposal / project evaluator and has been external evaluator/ Assessor on a number of EU funded initiatives and projects – including education lead on a EU Structural Reform Support Service (SRSS) Technical Assistance (TA) study for Cyprus. Before joining UCD, Dr Galvin taught and researched at University of Wales Swansea, and University of Cambridge, England.